Newest Release 2015
Piano Moods From Mars - Solo Piano
2013 Release
AfterWorld - World Music
Albums to Date 2015
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The Eleventh HourEscapeOlympic National ParkKarmaYosemite Valley Of The Giants
11.0211.05 RevivalOlympusSapphire DreamsChristmas from Mars
Blue Maze11.03 When Worlds CollidePiano Moods From MarsAt The End Of The DayTahoe Spirit
Final FrontierFinal Frontier 211.04 Panorama
Bog BoxVertical VelocityOrganized ChaosOrganized Chaos 211.22 Arrival


Recent customer responses:

Date: Sun July 3, 2016
Subject: Looking for peace

I wanted to send a word of encouragement to Mars Lasar and his team. After a tough few years, I searched for music to help with the soothing of my heart and soul and align with my efforts and settle my mind. I searched and finally God lead me to your musical compilations.
Thanks for having the vision and creative innovation to produce music that can actually help in the healing process
All the best,


5.0 out of 5 stars
It's Like A Lullaby
Date: March 11, 2016
By B. Peale 
This review is from: Mindscapes, Vol. 3: Satin Skies

Music to take you off to dreamland, especially if you have trouble sleeping. Love this so much that when I hear it on my Sirus Radio in the middle of the night, I wake up listen and fall gently back to sleep.

Date: 18 Mar 2015
Subject: Through the times

Mr. Lasar,
I have many of your recording and I have to say they have inspired me and gotten me through many of life's trials. The first Olympus encouraged me in my training as a marathon runner. The second and third got me through the divorce of my first wife and many others have gotten me through both good and bad times. Please continue. I have yet to get AfterWorld but I am very much looking forward to it. I did get to hear it last summer when I went through some scary health issues and I feel it is your best to date. I have just returned to the work force and look forward to hearing it again.
Vern Tobias

5.0 out of 5 stars
The beauty lies among the flow
By Phil Baird (Fort Worth, TX USA)
This review is from: Mindscapes, Vol. 3: Satin Skies

So! You think you are ready for the type of music that takes you really inside the place where no one else can go? Well, "Grab your things I'm going to take you home"--to quote Peter Gabriel from the classic--"Solsbury Hill".
Mars has found an incredible loop of music that truly allows you to visit the best part of your inner being whilst allowing for nuances that creep up on you through out the 75 minutes of beguiling melody. When you want to reach for something that provides for a respite from the daily stress and trauma of business and personal relationships that don't measure up--well, it's all contained herein.
Better than classic; it's life preserving!! Buy it. You will wish you had owned it sooner!!!

Date: 28 Jan 2015
Subject: Exquisitely Beautiful and Powerful Music

Dear Mars,
 I’m a retired Minister and I know that God’s Angels put some wonderful music into your mind.  I’m sure glad that you were listening. I’ve just purchased “Yosemite” and “Karma,” and the relaxing and uplifting effects that your music has had on my mind is amazing and greatly appreciated.
I’ll certainly be buying more of your music.
Will Jones