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TO ALL my listeners:

Over the years so many of you have written to me asking about sheet music to many of my popular songs. Playing the piano is my first love and the roots of all my work. I now have a vast catalog of piano pieces that we can publish in sheet music form, so lets start with these 2 volumes of the most requested songs. I grew up with sheet music and very happy to release my piano sheet music compositions to you.

Thank you for listening over the years, and I hope you enjoy playing my piano pieces as much as I enjoyed composing them.

- Mars

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Sheet Music & MP3 Download Bundle


Contents on Volume 1:

01. After The Rain
02. Amy's Lullaby
03. Amy's Lullaby II
04. The Anniversary
05. The Blessing
06. Destiny
07. Evolution
08. Garden of Eden
09. The Gift
10. The Haunted
11. Hourglass
12. A Hurricane Named Desire

Contents on Volume 2:

01. Hush
02. Inner Sanctum
03. One Day
04. Rapture
05. Reminiscence
06. Royal Lake
07. Sapphire Dreams
08. Temptress
09. Seven Tears
10. Ten Thousand Miles Between Us
11. Twilight's Miracle
12. Untouchable

PDF Individual Sheet Music Downloads for: Volume 1

PDF Individual Sheet Music Downloads for: Volume 2

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