The BabyEscapes Series
Looking for something to help your infant sleep peacefully? This music really works

Mars Lasar - BabyEscapes Series
Style: Children's Music.
A gentle, cycling, musical lullaby designed to imitate your baby's natural biorhythms. Baby Escapes is specifically composed to lull your infant into a state of sleepy serenity. Baby Escapes creates a familiar and soothing "sound environment" for your baby to relax and sleep calmly to. Baby Escapes needs only to be played at a volume no louder than a whisper to work effectively for your baby.

A note from Mars:
After the birth of my daughter, I became curious how my music would affect her. I composed some short, peaceful lullabies with her in mind, and played them on repeat mode to see how she would respond. She instantly became very calm, particularly when the cycled pieces had a common tone and were seamless. I discovered that my daughter did not like interruption to the flow of gentle sound, so next I cycled the same lullaby for an entire hour. I varied the instrumentation while keeping the melody constant. Her reaction was undeniable. It was truly magic. After speaking to several pediatricians and child psychologists, I realized that this music creates a perfect "audio womb" for infants. The feedback I received after initial release of the first CD was overwhelming. Parents were thanking me, so I was inspired to continue composing. I think you will find this four CD set to be invaluable. My daughter often sleeps so deeply to the Baby Escape CD's that I had to wake her at feeding time. The music seems to have even replaced her pacifier! The CD's are portable so you can conveniently play them anywhere that you have access to a CD player. I recommend the Baby Escapes series for toddlers up to 5 years of age, but adults enjoy them too.

Happy listening!